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Gandaki Urja Private Limited

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GandakiUrja Pvt. Ltd., is a private company registered in Pokhara. The company plans to develop and operate a 45 TPD Compressed Bio-gas Bottling plant. The plant will make use of the multiple feed Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) digester to produce biogas from cow/buffaloes dung, pig manure, poultry litter and vegetable/Agricultural wastes. The bio-gas thus produced is then purified and compressed to form Bio-CNG which shall be compressed and filled into suitable cylinders/cascades and sold as a substitute for LPG.. In addition, the plant will also produce enriched organic fertilizer as another valued product which is a key factor on multiplying the agro-productions maintaining the environmental sustainability.

Biogas Technology

The Biogas technology has a key role on generating green jobs in a large numbers (at around 13000) in Nepal. Most of the villages (more than 2800, out of the total: 3915) of all 75 districts of Nepal have biogas installed. Studies have shown that, along with the biogas installation, the situation of health and sanitation is being gradually enhanced; deforestation (for the cause of firewood) is being curbed in Nepal. The technology is being concerned on caste and ethnicity, gender etc. issues to make the sector more inclusive, participative, decentralized and balanced.