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Create Green Jobs

Biogas plants have created millions of jobs in most countries, especially in the area of waste collection and biogas generation. For example, in Nepal, the biogas industry creates a lot of jobs each year in rural areas.

Renewable Energy Source

The raw materials used in the production of biogas are renewable. Trees and crops will continually grow, which means manure, food scraps, and crop residue will constantly be available.

Healthy Cooking Alternative

Collecting and carrying firewood on a daily basis is a daunting task. Also, exposure to smoke from the firewood can cause health complications. Biogas provides a great reprieve from these activities. Also, biogas minimizes the time needed for cooking and cleaning of utensils.

Produces Organic Fertilizer

A perfect supplement to, or substitute for, chemical fertilizers. The fertilizer discharge from the digester can accelerate plant growth and resilience to diseases.

Reduces Soil and Water Pollution

Anaerobic digestion deactivates pathogens and parasites; thus, it’s also quite effective in reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases. This, in turn, leads to improvements in the environment, sanitation, and hygiene.


Production of biogas happens without oxygen, which technically means there is no form of combustion involved. No combustion means there is zero emission of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. A great way to combat global warming.

Our Biogas Plant

Used Components

Is equivalent to

400 litres of GASOLINE

Can produce

1500 units power LIGHTING FOR 2000 HOUSES

Is equivalent to


Results in


Message from Board of "Gandaki Urja"

Gandaki Urja Pvt. Ltd is a commercial biogas bottling plant located at Majuwa, Pokhara Metropolitan city, Ward No 32, Kaski District. Our main Objective of the project is to Produce high quality Bottled Biogas and enriched Organic Fertilizer.